"The Winnipeg International Children's Festival has utilized the services of Ugly Duckling Productions since 2005 to handle all of our considerable management of the Festival production. The UDP team are, without a doubt, the absolute finest and most professional production managers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

UDP have consistently delivered over and above expectations in every aspect of event management. They are thorough, courteous, responsible and their attention to detail is unparalleled in the entertainment industry." Neal Rempel, Executive Producer, Winnipeg International Children's Festival

"Ugly Duckling Productions is reliable, creative and always on budget. They bring energy and ideas to the projects they work on and always manage to produce the event you wanted plus more.

They both have strengths, which they utilize to the fullest and work with their clients to produce high quality events. When I hand over a project to them I can rest assured that the work is being done and that I need not worry about it." Paul Jordan, COO, The Forks North Portage Partnership/Forks Renewal Corporation

"Ugly Duckling Productions and Festival du Voyageur inc. have been working together for many years in order to develop world-class winter events. You are committed to offering excellent results and quality of service. Your work ethic and resourcefulness are impressive and we admire your creativity and attention to detail. Inspired by delivering the highest quality events, you continue to develop partnerships and are always looking to increase efficiency. Comments received from the public for both events you manage for Festival du Voyageur are continuously positive. As event managers ourselves, we couldn't ask for better partners.

We believe that Ugly Duckling Productions is a high quality production company that can create and execute any event with great results. We have had a very successful working relationship with Ugly Duckling Productions and we certainly appreciate your dedication to the development and success of Festival du Voyageur." Josée Vaillancourt, Executive Director, Festival du Voyageur

"It was a pleasure working with two people whose diversity in ability and knowledge was so effective. You both are so professional, so accommodating and so easy to work with that you made my job seem easy.

When an organization hires a planning team, the assumption is that the planner has the skill to do it all. I know that your team definitely has all the skills to plan an event from start to finish but more importantly can deliver an exceptional product.

I would definitely recommend Ugly Ducklings Productions to all who ask and I hope that we can work together in the future." Lilian Tankard, Manager, Partnership Programs Planning and Market Development, Travel Manitoba

"Rose has a great sense of humour, integrity and a great work ethic. She is loyal, ambitious, personable, punctual, energetic and highly motivated. She is a very dedicated and capable individual with many skills and was able to deal effectively and efficiently with all levels of Government." Glen Murray, former Mayor, City of Winnipeg

"Karen and the administrative and volunteer team that worked with her served all involved well, both on the committee and on the periphery. The events and entertainment were first class and all of our guests went away in the best of spirits.

Karen is responsible, diligent, prepared, great with people and has a terrific sense of humour." Councillor Gord Steeves, City of Winnipeg

"Having worked with both Karen and Rose I can say with all honesty that they get the job done. They deliver what they promise on time and on budget." Kenny Boyce, Manager, Film and Cultural Affairs, City of Winnipeg

"Karen's task was key to the success of the conference, as the Youth meeting attracted much international attention. She met the challenge with ease, working effectively to ensure that all elements of the program were properly coordinated and implemented. She is a talented organizer, an excellent team player and a highly productive worker. She worked punishingly long hours without losing efficiency, and was calm, cheerful and good-humoured throughout.

Karen had one of the most difficult and challenging roles in the Secretariat and performed superbly…" John Bremner, Director of Operations, International Conference on War-Affected Children